Redwing Technologies




Redwing Technologies was founded in 1996 to provide a specialist consulting service in the fields of medium voltage electrical system studies and reactive power compensation (power factor correction) in Africa.

Redwing Technologies have since built a solid reputation for professional and efficient service to its clients, expanding the initial core business of the company to include the following services and equipment :


Redwing Technologies
Redwing House, Johannesburg

·     Electrical system studies including measurement, design, consulting and investigations.  Our expertise covers the niche market of harmonic filter bank design and analysis for mines, utilities, large industry and arc furnaces.

·     Power transformers – VTD Tamini (Italy).

·     Special furnace and rectifier transformers, power reactors – representing the Tamini Group (Italy).

·     Transformer – transport, offloading, installation, cold commissioning.

·     Project management.

·     Mining and industrial electrical reticulation design, substation design.

·     Equal Format Database – representing Datura – LLC (USA).

·     Pig/Ingot/Slab Casting machines – representing E.I.C. (USA).



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