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Founded in 1916 for the production of electric transformers, Tamini's target has always been to produce power and industrial transformers of high quality and reliability for HV and EHV (up to 420 kV), designed to meet the most varied and sophisticated technical requirements. The Tamini Group operates according with the ISO9001 Standard for Quality Assurance.




A large share of Tamini's resources are devoted to research and development of industrial and special transformers and reactors for any special application, such as the iron and steel and electrometallurgical industries, with Tamini having a prominent position worldwide for the supply of arc furnace transformers, reactors for AC arc furnaces, step down transformers and other special transformers for iron and steel and electrometallurgical industries. Tamini has manufactured more than 400 units of industrial transformers and reactors in the last 15 years.